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Becca’s Desk, Mango Melee is on its Way!

Summertime has arrived! That can only mean one thing… MANGO SEASON is on its way! SGVBG is doing our happy dance, because we are wildly excited to announce that with the newly lifted event restrictions, MANGO MELEE IS BACK FOR 2022!

That’s right, party people! Are you ready for the JUICIEST event on St. Croix? MANGO MELEE IS BACK! Who’s excited for the Mango Eating Competition? How about the Mango Dis Mango Dat cooking competition? Do you have your dancing shoes ready for Stanley and the Ten Sleepless Knights? Are your children ready to enjoy another wonderful Children’s Museum play area, and arts and crafts with Together as One USVI? How about a puppy kissing booth with the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center? Who’s ready for the best food vendors in the Caribbean? Are you ready to shop like it’s Christmas in July, because our incredibly talented artists are ready to show you what they have! This is just the very tip of the mango ice cream cone!


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