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Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved with The Gardens. You can become a volunteer, join the gardening club, or be an intern to help you with your education.


Volunteers are not only an integral part of operations, they are our Garden Family.

Volunteering is rewarding and makes a real difference! The Garden has many fun and fulfilling volunteer opportunities between events, community programs, gardening and so much more.


Help in the Garden under the supervision of one of the senior Gardeners. Get a priceless, working knowledge of the plants and how to care for them by planting, pruning and maintaining our gardens.

Tour Guide

Tour guides lead tours of the Garden for cruise ship excursions.  You will outline the Garden’s flora and fun facts that accompany the training.

Nursery Worker

Working in the nursery provides the perfect environment to learn about the care of tropical flora.  You’ll have an opportunity to propagate, water, feed, learn to prune and share your knowledge at our plant sales.

Special Events

Serve on a fundraising committee, bartend, arrange flowers for our Garden tea party, solicit donations for auctions, act as Santa Claus at our Christmas festival… endless experiences!


If you’re interested in internship opportunities at the Garden, please contact us. You may be eligible for school credit depending upon your high school or University’s policies.

​Internships with St. George Village Botanical Garden provide opportunities learn about the variety of native Caribbean plant species, Caribbean culture, and the inner workings of a non-profit garden. Students will gain invaluable experience “in the field” that will lend itself to a wonderful resume towards future employment.

The Garden Club

Since 1972

The St Croix Garden Club located at the St George Village Botanical Garden has not met since Covid 19 curtailed social activities.  If you would like to help rejuvenate the club please contact

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